True Believer gained publicity from none other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who mentioned True Believer in her own book titled What Happened, about the disputed 2016 Presidential Election, that she lost to Donald Trump. Her comments may have boosted sales. The last time I looked, True Believer's Amazon page had received 1400 comments; but I do not know how well Mrs. Clinton comprehends its dissident stance, especially its take on leadership.
Fourth question: what are the pitfalls of leadership?

   89: Leadership cannot conjure a movement from a void. There has to be eagerness to follow and
   dissatisfaction with things as they are.
   90: Once the stage is set, the presence of an outstanding leader is indispenable. . . .
   Had Lenin died on his way to Russia in 1917, it is almost certain that the other prominent
   Bolsheviks would have joined a coalition government. The result would have been a more or less
   liberal republic run chiefly by the bourgeoisie.
   It needs the iron will, daring, and vision of an exceptional leader to concert and mobilize existing
   attitudes. . . . The leader personifies . . . the defiance and grandeur of power. . . .
   Exceptional intelligence, noble character, and originality (are) neither indispensable, nor perhaps
   Charlatanism is indispensable to effective leadership. There can be no mass movement without
   some deliberate misrepresentation of the facts.

I think Americans need to remember the accusations of fake news that the political parties flung at each other and realize that there is nothing new to this game. The fact that both political parties are doing this should concern us. What do they expect to accomplish—gain power against the opposing party, then disenfranchise it? It will cause civil war!! We don't need to do that again.