Should America Divide?

This question is really a no-brainer. The philosophy of the Left and the Right no longer have enough inclusivity and congruity to give America a secure future. We are coasting on the achievements of earlier generations. Everyone has to admit we can't go on much longer like this. We need a plan for the future that resolves the disunity, replacing it with renewed unity in separate nations. Take these thoughts into a quite place and ask yourself if you want America to continue on its present course.

Just listen to the cable news rabble for a minute. Those guys can't see the forest for the trees. Listen to the constant accusations they make about figures in the opposing party. Listen to people's offended reactions to provocative events on Internet news and social media. They neglect to say that we live in just one country, and we cannot escape the environment of anger, paranoia, and scorn. Just think how public animosity causes our leaders to neglect the long-term interests of the country. It coasts along, uncertain about its sense of direction. If it veers to the left or to the right, it is only a metaphorical flat tire, masquerading as a political victory. I feel like the East Germans trapped behind the Berlin Wall. Doesn't anyone want to organize an escape?

In the resulting squabling, many political commentators have started predicting the collapse of the American Empire—crying crocodile tears all the way. Listen, for example, to left-wing Cassandra Chris Hedges. Behind the grim predictions, you can't miss his joy at the collapse—just-deserts for Ronald Reagan causing the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

Chris Hedges: "The American Empire is coming to an end. Overseeing this descent at the highest levels . . . is a motley collection of imbeciles, con-artists, thieves, opportunists, and warmongering generals. . . . Short of a sudden, widespread, popular revolt, the death spiral appears unstoppable, meaning that the United States, as we know it, will no longer exist in another decade or two." This is take from his book America: the Farewell Tour. Curiously, he never says anything about dividing the country.


Chris Hedges talks such dire facts. What will he do when America collapses? Pack his suitcases and head for Canada? His negative predictions do not make the future hopeful to his children—hostages to fortune. What does he expect them to do? Get Canadian passports and flee with him to Canada? Instead of dwelling on such negative projections, the outcome of Republican greed and racism, why not do something pro-active, like create a country that he wants to live in?

He gives ample evidence of his policy objectives. He could certainly pursue those in the context of his own country, better than he can here. If Hedges and the other leftists announced their intention in a written manifesto mailed to all the major American dailies, they could go into great detail about their policy objectives: "We the Undersigned," the manifesto could being, "announce our intention to create a new nation dedicated to economic, sexual, and racial equality." Out of consideration for the limited space in newspapers, only the most important leftists could sign it.

Dwelling in his own country, Hedges wouldn't have to prevail over the reluctant Republicans. He could create his own country and enact all the policy initiatives he wants. As a socialist, he could do exactly as a socialist would and base the new nation on the proposition that "All men are created equal"—regardless of race, sexual orientation, or personal viewpoint. He could assure his citizens an equal opportunity under the law. He could soak the rich, disarm the police and the military, and open the borders of his country to anyone who wants entry.

I would wish Hedges luck, but he probably would not want to live in such a country, himself. What sensible, experienced person tests human nature like this, or  challenges a nation's wherewithal to survive such shocks, then sticks around to deal with the resulting hassles? Why he wants to foist the world's problems on this nation's shoulders is hard to fathom.

Hedges says that those who want to defeat the downward spiral must demonstrate selflessness and humility. "Those who fight against cultural malice, whether squatting in old warehouses, or as the Occupy (Wall Street) Movement did in taking over public spaces, resisting . . . and refusing to be broken by our prison system discover that life is measured by . . . infinitesimal acts of solidarity and kindness."

I love it! Comfortably well-off American liberal looking at America negatively through rose-colored glasses. My guess is that Hedges lacks a clear-headed, thought-out plan. He also lacks the character and courage step away from the power-base of this country. For him, dividing the country is not an option. I don't think Hedges is prepared to go anywhere. His emotional, disjointed wording appeals to other nut-jobs but lacks a psychologically secure basis and enough of a logical progression to equip a people to govern themselves.

He comes from a family of means; so it is not clear why he speaks so elatedly about a collapsing "American Empire," since he is clearly part of it. Fantasizing darkly from his ivory-tower, he has lost touch with the real America! I cannot tell if this guy is a fraud or a verifiable nut-job. 

Note how Hedges uses terms like "popular revolt," "humility and selflessness," and "fight against cultural malice" as if they follow one another logically. No wonder Occupy Wall Street and Antifa turned violent. With no sense of direction or a sensible plan, a mob will spin like a whirlwind. They have no philosophical rudder to steer them. How did Hedges get to be so important as a Liberal spokesman? I worry that he is disingenuous as hell. Show me a Liberal who can govern a country. With him, Republicans can do business.

When I watch Chris Hedges on YouTube, I wish I could say to him, "Dry your crocodile-tears and learn how to captain your ship!" Give us a heading and angle of attack. Without guidance from him, his children have to be asking, "Where is our future?"