Seeing so many posts on Facebook condemning the wealthy in the U.S., I decided to compare that to Nazi propaganda condemning the wealthy in Germany. They follow similar lines, like a loathing for Capitalism and a demonization of the wealthy.

Both the Facebook bloggers and the Nazis express openly their support for a violent, revolutionary solution to the problem, insisting that it it the only solution. The parallels are really interesting:

  1. The wealthy as exploiters of the poor;
  2. The wealthy as greedy, perverted, and heartless;
  3. The wealthy hoarding money, while they starve their workers and corrupt the government;

Looking at the Nazi artwork, I see an intentionality especially toward women. Perhaps the artists themselves were women. So naturally, the Nazi art-work pays lots of attention to sexual abuse by the wealthy and powerful. A Jewish child-molester lures children with candy; a Jewish doctor lures girls into his examination room. A Jew lures a girl into a sexual encounter with alcohol. The Nazis knew how to touch all of the bases of mass-demonization.

But today, no one seems to pay attention to the parallel. All of these motifs appear daily in social-media outlets and in the press. They always gets lots of attention; and like the Nazi art-work, they appeal especially to women.

So, not surprisingly, the Nazis targeted the Jews for their cruelty to animals. They showed Jewish bankers evicting poor farmers—young mothers with small children. When Americans think about the Holocaust and Nazi racism in general, they must realize that the Nazis won half the battle for the hearts of the German people with skilllful media and provocative art-work.
Since most Americans don't speak German, I will translate, when necessary, the text accompanying the art-work, although the art-work by itself arouses enough visceral disgust, so that explaining it is unnecessary. The Nazis obviously had psychological insight into mass-demonization.

A. The Jews hoard money:

   -1) A fat, wealthy Jew sits on a huge sack of money in front of the German stock exchange. The caption reads that he won't stop hoarding money until he has more than anyone.

   -2) Another sack of money with the dollar sign and a Star of David: the caption reads, "The Jews
        make their fortune, while the rest of the World starves."

B. The Jews are cruel to animals:

   -3) Jewish men slaughter pitilessly a cow. The caption reads, "This animal is being bled to death, and the Jews enjoy it."

C. The Jews prey on Gentile girls:

   -4. A German girl visits a doctor. The caption reads: "Two lascivious eyes twinkle behind the
        glasses. A grin plays on his thick lips."

   -5. A Jew seduces a Geman girl with alcohol;

   -6. Date-rape by a Jew;

   -7. A loathsome Jewish child-molester. The caption reads, "Here, children, is something sweet. Now you must come with me."

Americans need to see social-media in the same light, as an incipient, unrelenting brainwash of the American people.