Humanitarian or Marxist?


Reading Wikipedia's article on Peter Kropotkin, I had to admire the author's clever use of Marxist euphemisms. He did not bother to "Think pink!" Instead, he put a humanitarian halo over the Marxist tendency to nationalize industries and confiscate private-wealth, in the name of the common-good. The Marxist, Robin-Hood principle of stealing other people's stuff, in order to squandor it in the public sector, makes wealth a non-renewable public resource. Once it's gone, it's gone!


When a Marxist leadership uses up all that wealth, it has nothing to replace it! Leftists should have learned that lesson irrevocably from the Soviet examples—Marxism does not work. The Wikipedia author even referred to Kropotkin as a "libertarian socialist," which is a hoot! A government is not libertarian if it steals the wealth of its citizens, then doles it out to party-bosses and cronies, on the basis of party-loyalty.


Friedrich von Hayek wrote in his book The Road to Serfdom that people attracted to a system of government that deprives "private individuals of the power they possess in an individualist system," believe that "by transferring this power to society, they can extinguish power." Instead, all they do is "concentrate power that can be used in a single plan." In Marxism, power is not merely "transferred but infinitely heightened" by the Marxist tendency to concentrate power in the hands of a few, that had been "formerly exercised independently" in the hands of many.

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro took the Marxist road to serfdom and confiscated all the property of of his people. Not very many Cubans wanted to live as Marxist non-entities and started fleeing to the U.S. from the get-go, to start a new life. Like any normal person, they wanted to own things—a car, a refrigerator, and a TV—things that the average American could not only afford, but could not live without.

And yet, someone posting on Facebook as Democratic Socialism Now! quoted Castro, treating him as a competent critic of Capitalism. What a hoot! No sensible person would ever equate America's poverty with Cuba's. 

"Maybe the leftists just overlooked some details," you might say. I respond that you should accept as a given that leftist envy and resentment obsesses itself into a hatred of America's success-story—hatred tinged with nihilism and not a little self-loathing.

We need to tell the success-haters like Democratic Socialism Now! to create their own utopia, to feature the Marxist principles they claim as their own. Expect heckling and cynical laughter for your effort to unload these people. They aren't going anywhere!

Most of the people who read blogs like Democratic Socialism Now! posts voted for Bernie Sanders. They are mostly young Whites from upper-middle class families. The Blacks know better than to vote for a man who wants to make everyone poor. They have been institutionally poor once and know enough about poverty not to want it again.