The suggestion that the Supreme Court may overturn the hallowed Roe vs. Wade ruling on abortion rights has touched off the usual maelstrom of protest. Women have taken sides, as they always do. The crowds either applaud the decision or oppose it, as they do in this photo in the May 3rd issue of the Washington Post.

Shouldn't our leaders see how these regular protests hurt our collective morale, and ask why Liberal Democrats and Consevative Republicans should live in the same country, if they do not agree on anything? Our leaders should value unity, so they should know that one-half of the nation hates the other, and that we need to divide the country to maintain its functionality.

My book from 2020, Divide the Country

The leaders will have to make the important decisions themselves. If they ask the Democrats and Republicans to act on their own, they won't get anywhere. The public will dither and do nothing. Americans of both parties don't bother with the strategic questions. They have always lived in the same country and cannot imagine not having each other around to fuss at—even if the adversarial relationship does not give them much pleasure—like quarrelsome marrieds who swear out warrants and restraining orders on each other, and then routinely violate them.

But somebody needs to ask the fundamental questions—principally, why are we all still here? Each quarrel, like the one over the abortion issue, weakens the nation's spiritual cohesion and purposefulness.

Supreme Court justices are just learnéd idealogues. Their convictions and philosophy are no different from the Presidents and Congresses who select them. They see no grand design to the process. Don't expect them to think strategically, either. The Republicans merely lucked out and managed to pack the Unied States Supreme Court with Conservatives. The Liberals consequently quarrel over every decision they render.

Now, the Supreme Court wants to limit a woman's right to an abortion. If I pulled aside some demostrators in Washington and ask them what they are doing there, they will probably say something like this:

  1. "I am a Christian and a Conservative Republican, and I believe that abortion is murder, pure and simple!"
  2. "I don't necessarily subscribe to the politics of either party. I just believe that women should have the right to opt out of motherhood, if they wish. They should be allowed to maintain control of their own bodies."

Variations of the same themes, like Popeye, the Sailor Man: "I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam!" They disagree till the cows come home—no sense of a strategic settlement. Only the nation's leaders can see the insecurity all this causes. Such disunity on America's policy-fronts has to worry our allies, who have to wonder, will America be there for them, or will they have to cut a deal with our enemies? We need unity to maintain the balance of power in the world. We can only get that if we divide.