Left-wing Bot-Journalism


In 2016, I published a book titled Freedom is a Public Utility, in order to quantify "freedom" as a public resource—a source of power-creation in a human society—like oil, natural gas, or uranium. Albert Einstein once described progress as a product of "divine curiosity" and the "play instinct of the tinkering and brooding researcher."

The culture of progress can exist in any kind of society, from a leaderless anarchy to a dictatorship; but it reveals itself most fully in a freedom-loving society, that allows individuals to tinker around with things, so they break through to a new generation of technological innovation and commercial production. I mean, look at the American experience with freedom, at the number of break-throughs that have occured here.

We don't have that "play instinct," at present. The disunity in the U.S. has put an end to that, for the time being. Left-wing bloggers on Facebook work tirelessly to discredit the accomplishments of our society, defame wealthy people in general, and condemn America for its strengths. The accusations and denunciations are so shrill, so crass and simple-minded, the bloggers might as well instigate a revolt at an insane asylum or a home for wayward children.

The bloggers make no effort to appeal to intelligence, to a reasonable discussion of the problems, or even to focus on the future. They want action, and violence, if necessary, to pull down the capitalist system and its wealth-oriented power-structure. I can't even detect an orientation toward the future in their rants—just anticipation of dishing out payback.

While preparing Freedom is a Public Utility for publication, I studied Nazi-Party propaganda-art for its insights about mass psychology and hysteria. The archives of Professor Randall Bywerk at Calvin University in Michigan helped me understand the psychological insight that is present in Nazi propaganda art. The similarity to the bloggers' own art impressed and unnerved me. The Poisonous Mushroom was a propaganda magazine published by Julius Streicher, who was hanged at Nuremberg in 1946 as a war-criminal.

American society has grown so accumstomed to demonstrations and protests from the Left, violent marches by Antifa and Black Lives Matter no longer rate front-page news. But if the Left ever gains control of this country, its agitation and initimidation organs will already have plenty of experience with marching and demonstating to lead the way to a new sense of solidarity that older Americans will no longer recognize as part of the American experience.

Hidden from view, or ignored by the media, is the fact that the Left cannot govern itself. It can only govern if it can direct public fury against clearly-defined internal enemies, as the Nazis did. With the focus on enemies and payback, the Left does not need to define the future.

As the longshoreman-philosopher Eric Hoffer wrote, faith in a mass-movement replaces lost faith in ourselves. The bloggers recognize that the faithful sheep of a mass-movement have no personal faith. They can only define themselves by the mass-movement. It is something that freedom-lovers of all faiths need to understand.