People and goats aren't all that different. If you get in my face and hector me, I will bray at you in protest. I probably won't understand half of what you are saying, anyway. If you keep on hectoring me, I may spit at you as a warning. You can run your mouth all you want; you won't get anywhere with me!

The man hectoring the goat reminds me of talking-heads on cable news. If they stood in the middle of our living rooms, jabbering at us, we would bray at them in protest until they left. I mean there's only so much argumentativeness we can take. And if the talking-heads of opposing networks met in our living room, like Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly, we would run them out, no matter our political persuasion. If they refused to leave, we would start butting heads for real.

Most Americans hardly recognize the real consequences of America's political divide. Wait till the talking-heads invade our family rooms! The cable-news networks have run lots of programs about America's political disunity, but they don't say much about their own role in exacebating it. Talking about their own role in fomenting divisions is bad for business. No one wants to hear reporters criticize their own networks, or the profession in general.

A home-invasion by talking-heads might be the best thing that ever happened to this country, to let Americans see how much political hostility defines the current state of America and debilitates our quality of life. Then maybe Americans will listen to guys like me who want to divide the nation, to restore unity and some peace-and-quiet.