MoveOn's use of combative slogans and ramped-up outrage conceals an almost total disregard for dissent. There is no room for dissent in MoveOn's histrionic, moralistic stance. The only justifiable dissent in MoveOn's universe is dissent against evil Republicans and their policies. In the Democrat universe, no one should have to complain because everyone is equal. It's a ripe little Marxist utopia. If they are equal, they should have no reason to complain . Leftists try to avoid associations with terms like "socialism," but socialism basically means to "socialize" people, to make them all think the same.

When leftists hold forth about "justice and equality," Republicans should know it is time to seek a national alternative. They need their own ship-of-state, or else they will let the leftists press down on them to make them "equal" with everyone else. MoveOn will employ other neat little tricks, like a quota to make sure that corporations and organizations have leadership that will make them toe the line, and not express a lot of contrary opinions.

It's a sink or swim situation for Republicans. For an apolitical people who like nice things, wealth, and upward mobility, it's a tall order to put those things on hold until we can get out from under the Democrats, orgs like MoveOn., and the ability to move away from whatever havoc the Left wants to impose on them.