During my first visit to Erfurt in the former East Germany, I struck up a conversation with a waitress in a restaurant. When she learned I was an American, she said, "I don't speak English. The only sentence I know is 'Mr. Gorbachoff, Tear down zeess vall!'"

Reagan said something that a lot of us had had on their minds for some time. If the Soviets wanted to demonstrate a positive orientation to human liberty, tear down the Berlin Wall. He was simply the first who had the guts to express it verbally, and with style!


August 04, 2022

The Stats on the NORC poll, June, 2022

A poll conducted in June of 2016 by NORC-AP asked American voters for their opinions about the upcoming Presidential Election, scheduled for November of that year. The results, published on the NORC website in August 2016 should not have surprised anyone, but I admit the data surprised me. NORC-AP reported that "Eighty percent of Americans say the country is greatly divided when it comes to the most important values, and 85 percent say the United States is increasingly divided by politics."

August 03, 2022

The Malaise of Being White, part I

During college, we listened to Cheech and Chong's hilarious skit about "Dave" and "Man" doing a drug-deal late at night. Dave knocks on Man's door, and says, "Hey, Man, I got the stuff, let me in." From inside, Man calls out, "Who is it?" Dave repeats, "Man, it's Dave. Let me in. I got the stuff." After a long pause, Man replies, "Dave's not here." Dave yells to him, "Man, I'm Dave! Let me in!" "Who?" "It's Dave, Man! Let me in!" "Dave's not here."

August 02, 2022

The Malaise of Being White, part II

My Facebook correspondents rail a lot about narcissists and nacissism, and post trendy precepts by people like Maria Consiglio. That narcissism attracts so much attention and gets so many pithy put-downs suggests that the correspondents are clutching at straws after a failed fourth or fifth romance, and want to give up on it altogether. Narcissism has become the FB bĂȘte noire, since it evolved into a channel for the lovelorn; but the lovelorn need more input before they give up.

Lloyd Bowers


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