Mr. Gorbachev! Tear down this wall!

During my first visit to Erfurt in the former East Germany, I struck up a conversation with a waitress in a restaurant. When she learned I was an American, she said, "I don't speak English. The only sentence I know is 'Mr. Gorbachoff, Tear down zeess vall!'"

Reagan said something that a lot of us had had on their minds for some time. If the Soviets wanted to demonstrate a positive orientation to human liberty, tear down the Berlin Wall. He was simply the first who had the guts to express it verbally, and with style!


January 21, 2022
Founding Father Credo: James Madison

Founding Father Credo: John Adams

When I think of the important persons who helped found our nation, who did the fighting to free the nation from the British, who studied the lessons of history in order to build a hugely successful land of opportunity, and undergird it with first-rate foundational documents, I do not think right away of fFrancis Scott Key. ...

January 17, 2022
Founding Father Credo: George Washington

Lloyd Bowers