I am thinking in terms of two nations, now. These are my suggestions to the two political parties who have done so much to make a division inevitable.

A. Suggestions to the Left:

 1) Quit railing against the American Empire. Plant and grow your own country.
 2) Quit acting like disaffected youth railing against authority.
 3) Will you rail against authority, if it is your authority?
 4) Will you tolerate betrayal by Snowden and Manning, if they betray your secrets?
 5) Your connectedness to the intentions of the nation gives it its empowerment.
 6) Conversely, your disaffection hinders and emasculates it.
 7) Down-size Big Tobacco, Big Agri, Big Pharma, and Big Oil, but do it in your own country.

B. Suggestions to the Right.
 1) Turn off the TV in the evening and familiarize yourself with the intentions and values of the Founding Fathers.

 2) Remember that the Republican Party philosophically represents a constitutional republic, not a democracy, which none of the Founders trusted.
 3) Tune in to your children's concerns about their school environment and look for signs of indoctrination and intimidation.
 4) Parents and grandparents cocoon themselves in safe familiar social circles and are  out of touch with the forces stressing the wider society.
 5) The U.S. has changed so much in the last twenty years. Spend some time taking stock of those changes and the risks they pose.       6) Quit complaining endlessly about Big Government. Plant and grow your own country.
 7) Push school vouchers. Push privatization.

 8) Become pro-active toward violent crime. Empower law enforcement!