This article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper appeared Thursday, November 15th in 2014.

Like some of the other articles I have reviewed, this article suffers from a disconnect between the interesting, humorous image at the top and the text of the article, which concerns allowing parents to home-school their children. As far as I know, Germany does not allow home-schooling.
In the curious image, you see a fox in a class of rabbits, being taught by a grown-up rabbit. On the blackboard, under the heading "My Favorite Meal," the fox has written "Roasted Rabbit." The irate teacher pinches the fox's nose as punishment.

I can only conclude that the editors at the Frankfurter Allgemeine wanted to pose a question: why must a fox sit in a classroom full of rabbits, his natural meal of choice? He can hardly keep his mind on his schoolwork, with all those tasty rabbits sitting around him. I bet Mama and Poppa Fox would love to get him out of there, before he tries to eat a classmate.