Left-wing trash-talking of the GOP represents a concerted campaign that should concern its leaders. The scathing rhetoric suggests that the trash-talking will not end until the Left can make the GOP the permanent minority-party, and silence or discredit its associated media-organs. Older Americans familiar with the Nazi-smearing of the Jews should note the similarities in the left-wing method. Neither the Republicans nor freedom-loving people of any stripe should ignore the potential threat that these smear-tactics represent.

Is it also okay to be angry at Jewish capitalists in Nazi-Germany? The Nazis were emphatic that was absolutely okay to dish out payback to the excessively rich, slave-driving capitalists!




The Left portrays the Republicans as a racist, homophobic clique of rich, right-wing reactionaries who use the Fox News Channel and talk-radio to spew hate-filled falsehoods about minorities and gays. If my Republican readers will access Facebook, they should take note of this anti-Republican hate-speech. Dissemination of "sponsored" or "suggested" posts on Facebook represents a sizable expense for someone. Since the bloggers harbor so much hatred for the GOP, the Party should find out who finances them. The sophisticated graphics that the bloggers use, by themselves, would cost a bundle.


Freedom-loving Americans should remember how the Nazis smeared the Jews, since their methods and the modern left-wing methods have some similarities. Note how the Nazi press portrayed Jews as child-molesters, and you should realize how serious the present stand-off with the Left is. The Left wants to discredit Republicans on the same dirt-bag level as the Nazis:

With so much of America turned against the Republican Party and the freedom-loving philosophy it represents, we need to consider the consequences of not acting—not doing something to remedy the situation from our side. I can sum up the remedy in one sentence: Let the Republicans govern their own country!

The Republican situation reminds me so much of Prometheus, the man in the Greek myth who stole fire from the gods to give to mankind. As punishment, the gods chained Prometheus to a rock and let harpies gnaw on his abdomen everyday. Republicans have to realize, we alone have the power to  release ourselves. Only mythopoeic persuasion keeps us in chains.