As an American, I have watched as the court system fought a losing battle against quotas, and I have wondered why the people demanding these quotas don't create businesses of their own. The article's authors, Beyer and Voigt, complain that Der Spiegel employs only two female editors, among 28 male editors. But why can't Beyer and Voigt start their own magazine to benefit women readers?

I have visited shops selling newspapers and magazines in Germany and have seen plenty of magazines that cater to women. None of them has an interest in serious content like Der Spiegel, with a point of view that benefits women-readers. Beyer and Voigt could pioneer such a magazine and have the field to themselves.

Instead of compelling businesses run by males to hire women, the politicians could legislate something else, like subsidies for women entrepreneurs or other programs to encourage business-ownership by women. I think the Netherlands has already experimented with such programs.

The fact that the Feminists interviewed by Beyer and Voigt for the Spiegel article never mention this option suggests to me that they already know that most German women do not want the responsibility for running a business, where you always arrive first and leave last, where you remain in contact with the daily functioning of the business 24/7, no matter where you are--even in a sick-bed in a hospital. Your children are your wife's babies. The business is your baby, and you have the same obsessive concern for it that your wife has for your other children.

Receiving no forward-moving orientation from their leaders, women in Germany have to assume that they will never match the males for resourcefulness, courage, and initiative. The women will make good workers, but they will never experience entrepreneurship, because their leaders divert them into male-run firms.

The clueless women who believe the promises of the politicians will learn too late that only the politicians themselves benefit from quotas. The implementation of quotas, while on the surface a progressive one, ensures that the women who take on the executive-level positions will serve the intentions of the government, rather than the interests of the company.

The politicians quote the German constitution which says, "Männer und Frauen sind gleichberechtigt." In English, it means that "Men and women have the same rights." "Gleichberechtigung" just gives to Feminists all the justification they need for taking something that does not belong to them, just like the Nazis did.