In the last couple of years, I have run into old friends whom I haven't seen in a while. Invariably, I tell them we could keep in touch better if they open a page on Facebook. So far, not a single one has followed my suggestion. They said they opened a page on Facebook when it first came out, but lost interest in it, over time, and closed it.


I think I know better now why they avoid Facebook, since I have had my own FB page for the last three years and check in on it daily. Facebook scares a lot of people. I guess I just had no idea that our wonderful country had so many dedicated enemies within its borders. The contrast between the hordes of desperate people trying to get in the United States and the Army of the Disgruntled who grew up here and hate the place really bothers me.


Facebook provides each subscriber with an informational page, where subscribers can add a bit of biographical material, and their reason for keeping a FB page. Many of the most dedicated Anti-American bloggers describe their pages as a "political" or "community" organization. They post material every day and appear to do it full-time. Their facile use of images to accompany their hyper-critical text must cost a fair amount of money, but no one knows who they are in real life, or where they live!


Many of the bloggers describe their material as "Memes". The Oxford Dictionary on-line describes a meme as "an image, video, piece of text, etc. typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users." If other subscribers shy away from the bloggers' advocating violence to coerce allegiance from non-believers, the bloggers can point to Oxford's definition and insist that they only mean it humorously.
Humorous or not, the net-effect intimidates. Memes aside, the bloggers intend it that way. So much hate-speech from people who describe their intentions as humane, forward-moving, and bound by justice leads to a disconnect among many Facebook subscribers. So much moralizing and intimidation from people who decry moralizing and intimidation from the Right undermines their claim to a higher moral stance.


While the bloggers clearly want a violent revolution that dishes out lots of payback on Whites and the wealthy, they do not disclose what they propose as the defining policies of a follow-up society. Note also that the bloggers say almost nothing about their intentions or their plans for redrafting the Constitution, once they have displaced their enemies, and taken control of the society.

 Note also the childish imagery used by the bloggers, as a definition of their state-of-mind.  I don't think that the average, freedom-loving people in this country pay enough attention to the threat that these Facebook bloggers pose to our future. In response to the bloggers, I keep suggesting that we divide the country, so that they can have their own country, apart from the presumed sexism, racism, and homophobia of the Right. The bloggers scoff at this idea, intimating that they are not concerned about nationhood; so someone else will have to provide the nation. I guess that means they want it all! You are forewarned.