Russia's invasion of the Ukraine has become a war of attrition--Russia stalemated on the battlefield, facing economic repercussions from Europe and America. If the Russians can't wind up the invasion soon, it becomes a question of which gets to them first, bankruptcy or participation from NATO on the side of Ukraine? Europe and America must continue pressuring Putin and his general staff.

In the German newspapers, I see finger-pointing everyday--not at Putin and his general staff, but at President Biden, former President Trump, former Chancellor Merkel of Germany, and her Socialist predecessor Schröder. You almost forget who started the invasion. The subterfuge and betrayal perpetrated by Putin takes back-seat to intramural rivalries.

Rather than focus on the common enemy, Republicans blame Democrats, Democrats blame Republicans. The level of disunity in our country undermines whatever common effort America brings to the bargaining table. The enemy understands well the American Achilles-Heel: play the disunity-card. Putin doesn't have to worry about us so much. We are too busy attending political blame-games.

What needs to happen to bring home to Americans the risk caused by our disunity? And don't tell me that we need to forget our petty quarrels and pull together. The old patriotic clichés no longer work. Disunified America couldn't put up much of a fight, no matter who our enemy is. Do we need another humiliating loss to reveal this to the whole World?

Only if we divide America, can the new nations field an unbeatable force, fueled by unity and a common sense of purpose; but they have to go their own ways, first.


September 30, 2022

Rolexes and Wealth

I remember the day my eighth-grade teacher arrived at school wearing his new wrist-watch. We saw this guy for the 180 days of the school-year and knew him pretty well--as well as anyone did. We noticed that, among his other mannerisms, he tended to look often at the watch during class. We thought he was keen to know the time on a regular basis. Now, I believe he was just admiring his new watch.

September 28, 2022

Family-life is not a Democracy

I ran into a problem yesterday when I returned to Germany. On my first evening, I wanted to slake my thirst for German beer, big-time! So I ordered a liter-serving right off the bat; but I knew I also wanted some wine and ordered a carafe of it, as well. Shamefully, I have to admit to not finishing either. I slaked my thirst, but had to leave some of it undrunk. I hate wasting anything, but I had work to do and wanted to operate on all my cylinders.

September 24, 2022

Violence in the Real

This article appeared last July in the Sunday edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper, by the newspaper's expert on hip-hop music, Florentin Schuhmacher. He regards gangsta-rap, and its sub-genre Drill, as a legitimate art-form. He can understand the reservations that law enforcement, parents, and teachers have toward music that glorifies gang-life, describes the rush of killing one's enemies, the pleasure of drugs—as a source of wealth—and demeaning women; but Schumacher also says the police cannot simply censor it. They must distinguish between art and criminal acts, shooings, and robberies.

Lloyd Bowers


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