I was amazed to see this video.

In late 1989 and early 1990, East Germany was still a separate nation. Even the government of West Germany urged the East Germans to remain in the East. The Easterners however replied that, if West Germany did not bring the Deutsch Mark currency to them, they would go to the West and get Deutsch Marks themselves. This impressed me deeply.

Everyone chants "Freedom! Freedom!" as if that's all they really want; when the truth is that they should be chanting, "Money! Money!" No human situation proves that like East Germany. East Germans already knew that the real key to freedom was buying power, and that came from the Deutsch Mark. If the West German government let the Easterners have Deutsch Marks, they would be glad to remain home.

Thanks to West German radio and Radio Free Europe, everyone in the East knew how the Deutsch Mark enhanced the lifestyle of the average Westerner, and the Easterners wanted to enjoy that lifestyle, too.

This story is the single-most important put-down of the socialist system. People like money. They like it more than they like freedom or equality. With money, we can buy all the freedom we want.

The only system that increases wealth is capitalism.