The Spit and Shit Terrorists

"Die Tyrannei der Tugendhaften"

The title of this article from the February 14 issue of the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper translates into English "The Tyranny of the Virtuous." I think the title is beautiful! It hardly needs an introduction. We all know about moralizers trying to boss around other people by browbeating them into submission, reproving them for their shortcomings, or accusing them. Every generation has to deal with moralizers. Christian moralizers in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance spent lots of time admonishing and guilt-tripping other Christians for their shortcomings. Aside from Christian functions, they used these tactics to gain power over others and to increase their own standing.

I remember a particularly egregious preacher claiming that the Lord God watched thousands of souls descend into Hell and excoriated lazy, uncaring Christians for doing nothing to save them. Other Christians want to know if you prefer Bible-studies, or do you prefer to hang out with "worldly" people, and do worldly things, like going to R-rated movies and listening to impure music? Just wait until the virtuous tyrants untie their shoes and let you see their clay feet.

But the present-day virtuous-tyrants want nothing to do with Christianity. If anything, they take a hostile stance against it. Their thing is the "Woke" culture and the sexual freedom of Gays, Lesbians, and Transsexuals. "The Transsexual is the future of mankind," claims Spanish writer Paul B. Preciado. Born Beatriz Preciado, she decided she was psychologically a man, and dresses as one. Transsexuals, she says, "rebel against the male-dominated, patriarchal-colonial cornering of knowledge and power."

Paul (Beatriz) Preciado

After the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned, Preciado suggested converting it into a research-center for "Queer, Trans, and Feminist" studies, as well as a refuge for victims of sexual violence. In Preciado's book Dysphoria Mundi, the feminist and lesbian writer Judith Butler writes in the foreword that Preciado would chronicle history differently. He would "deconstruct" the accepted definitions of gender.

Judith Butler

Children should have the right to determine their own gender, Preciado says. The "Tyrannei" article describe writers like him and Butler as "Stoßtruppen of the Woke Movement," like Nazi stormtroopers. The "Stoßtruppen" want, says the article, no less than to "engagieren sich für das Recht, ein Kind in seiner Gender-Identität zu begleiten." The original German challenged me; so I felt I had to quote it first: The Woke Movement assumes the right to engage itself in accompanying the child's gender-formation. That just adds to the dictatorial--okay Nazi--perception of the Woke Movement's intentions regarding children's development. Get 'em young, and brainwash them into believing some new notions about their sexuality. 

But wait! It gets worse. When the French writer Éric Marty tried to challenge some of the Woke presumptions during a speech, he was "tätlich angegriffen und bespuckt." Again, I quote the original German first, because I could hardly believe my eyes: Marty was physically roughed up and spat upon by the Stoßtruppen of the Woke Movement.

Then, two French psychologists Céline Masson and Caroline Eliacheff took on the Woke Movement and experienced disrupted speaking engagements, cancellations, and finally found themselves pelted with animal feces. I'm not kidding! The resulting panic and dismay met with scorn from people like left-wing political scientist Francis-Dupuis Deri: "The panic of the reactionaries."

French writer Pierre Jourde coined the term "tyranny of the virtuous" in a pamphlet he published, titled "La Tyrannie Vertueuse" in 2022.

I don't want to repress Woke Culture. But Woke needs more than a culture; it needs a country--real nationhood, so that the Wokists can see how difficult a time they will have trying to govern themselves, if they pursue a dictatorial agenda, if they let hoodlums harass public speakers, if they repress free-speech, and bully others, they will have open revolt.
But let them say any silly damn thing they want! If they have their own country, they have to deal with the insanity of it, not the rest of us.