The Left wants to trim the wealth of all private institutions and citizens. The pandemic has nothing to do with it. The need to trim the rich is a perennial issue with the Left. No moment in recent history is free of the crisis of so many rich people. The only entity the Left does not want to trim is the federal budget, nor the debt-level it attains. The Left prefers government wealth and influence over private wealth and influence, while the Right prefers for wealth to stay in private hands. That should explain for most people why we have disunity in this country. Think of disunity as neighbors wanting to trim each other's trees, while not trimming their own trees. Neither side can trim without repercussions from the other.

The Republicans frankly don't see the need to trim their own tree. Look how start-ups proliferate in America, fueled by private wealth. Start-ups are the result of individuals who have developed a winning commercial concept, teamed up with individuals who have the capital to underwrite it. Neither entrepreneurs nor their backers remain with just one project. They soon start a second, or a third. The wealth from one project underwrites the next. If it succeeds, the partners make even more money. 

Republicans like capitalism's wealth-growing capability. It produces employers who offer jobs to capable workers. I am proud to be a conservative-republican for those reasons, but I'm not writing this to shore up my own political definition. I am offering an outlier kind of solution to the nation's disunity. Divide the country! Nobody likes this solution, but something has to give. With the risk of tree-trimmers growing stronger, we are looking at riskier forms of one-upsmanship. That's not good in the current geo-political environment, which requires national vigilance and unity in the face of hostile enemies, more than it ever did.

I don't personally care what the Left does with its own turf. It makes its own bed, so it will have to lie in it. It will falter, Imagine the Left trying to maintain a level of prosperity, carrying on the same love-hate relationship with private wealth. The Left hates cigarette manufacturers, but it needs their wealth yesterday. It may hate the egotism, materialism, greed, and empowerment that goes into creating wealth. It will hold its nose around the filthy lucre, while it shovels the filthy lucre into government coffers. The Left misuses wealth the same way that eighteenth-century doctors misused blood—bloodletting their patients, thinking they were helping them.

Disunity is more than the mutual enmity of Republicans and Democrats. It represents a clash in governing philosophies—one that creates wealth with personal initiative and a commercial concept, and another that creates and empowers a government hegemony. In a left-wing universe, wealth should always look for a place to spend itself. There is no concept for maintaining wealth or increasing it, so when it's gone, it's gone.