Contemporary American leftists must believe that no one ever denounced Capitalism before they did; or maybe the denunciation of Capitalism by other groups does not interest them. Maybe they never studied capitalist attitudes in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. Confronted, the leftists will say, "Denunciation of Capitalism by the Nazis? Impossible!"

But it's true. Denunciation of capitalism in Nazi Germany centered on Jewish capitalists. The Nazis knew they needed to fuel the envy and thirst for payback—just as modern anti-capitalists know it. For all we know, the modern Left has studied the caricatures published by Nazi propaganda outlets. The Nazis incited the Germans to give those rich, heartless Jews a good beating. Even after all the events of World War II, the Nazi images still stir animosity in people.

The Jews look so viscerally evil.

The Nazi artist names this rich, evil capitalist the "Drahtzieher," because he "pulls the strings" and   manipulates people and institutions. Fat, insidious, greedy, and cruelly complacent, he has everyone on a short leash.

Another disgusting Jewish capitalist who has "grown fat from the blood and sweat of exploited and subjugated Germans." The German word used here, "gemästet," refers to the fattening of livestock. When Nazi-propaganda czar Julius Streicher (hanged at Nuremberg, 1946.) faced legal action from prominent Jews in Germany for slander, his Nazi friends asked him, why take such risks? Streicher answered cynically, "Something always sticks."

Jews in a mock funeral-march carry sacks of money past the bodies of dead soldiers. The capitalists have made all this money from hawking armaments to nations at war—a sensitive subject after the First World War. In the United States. Public outrage over war-profiteering led to the formation of the Congressional Nye Committee to investigate war-profiteers.
Maybe because the modern anti-capitalists are young, and have no more than a vague recollection of World War II, the Nazis, and the Holocaust, they blithely denounce Capitalism in the name of social justice and equality; while an old guy like me, who remembers the War vividly and cannot forget the orgy of looting and violence that the Nazis perpetrated, shrinks back before the hateful, nihilistic images. The bloggers exploit the same violent potential that the Nazis did.

Note especially the parallel format of the "GOP/NRA" and the "War-profiteer" images. Like their Nazi-propaganda forebears, the bloggers offer no concrete, realistic proposals, only a crass kind of hatred and thirst for payback, that they direct toward a low-brow, information-poor audience—just like the Nazis did. Shame on them!